What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a vital part of a company or individuals responsibility to health and safety. This is done using a series of specialised testing procedures on your portable appliances.

Is portable appliance testing a legal requirement?”

No. Current UK legislation puts a duty of responsibility on any employer, landlord or any person providing electrical appliances for use to be safe to use.

PAT testing is an effective way to ensure that you comply with these regulations.

Does PAT Testing affect insurance cover?

Many insurance providers require PAT testing to be carried out to conform to clauses relating to their respective policies.

An insurance company may reduce, delay or even refuse to pay a claim for damage if an appliance that has not been tested is the cause.

Does my equipment need to be switched off for the test?

Yes. Portable appliance testing cannot be carried out whilst the unit is switched on.

We realise the inconvenience that this can cause, especially in a busy office environment; that is why we provide out of hours service at no extra cost. This is an ideal solution for testing your servers and similar IT equipment which need to stay on during office hours.

How long will testing take?

This depends on the type and location of the equipment that is being tested. A typical office workstation should take approximately 15 minutes, with an average of 30 tests per hour.

What happens if an item fails?

Should an item fail an electrical test which is not repairable such as insulation resistance, the unit will be fitted with a failed label, the plug removed to prevent further use after discussion with the client contact and a failure report submitted in the final test schedule.

Should the cause of failure be reasonably simple to repair such as a broken plug, defective cord grip or cable abrasion etc, this will be rectified with no additional labour charge. There is a free fuse exchange.

Our technicians carry a comprehensive range of cables so that should a cable be irreparable, your appliance is not down for an extended period.

All retests are conducted free of charge.

What will I receive after the test?

On completion of the testing you will be issued with a safety certificate and a detailed report that provides information on each individual item.

All items that pass the inspection & testing will be labelled with a safety sticker and a unique asset number that helps us keep track of all portable appliances in your company.

How often does the test have to be carried out?

Generally, annual testing is considered a reasonable time period.

Some items that are subject to harsh conditions, such as power tools should be visually inspected more regularly to highlight any defects.

Once we have attended your premises to conduct a test, you will receive either a call or a letter reminding you when the next test is due. You will also be made aware of any special offers or discounts that are available at that time.

Is ElekSafe UK insured to work onsite?

Yes, all our technicians are covered by public liability insurance to a minimum of £5 million.