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Eleksafe will carry our portable appliance testing for any business large, small or home business (SME).

PAT doesn’t just include truly portable equipment; the scope is wider. It includes everything that is attached to the electrical wiring system. A drinks machine, for example, is classed as a ‘portable appliance’ as is a freezer cabinet or photocopier.

The groupings used by the IET (the Institute of Engineering & Technology) include ‘stationary’, ‘IT’, ‘moveable’, ‘portable’ and ‘handheld’ – all are dealt with by PAT.

In an office, for example, it’s typical for each and every worker to have approximately seven portable appliances around them; from computers, to printers, faxes and fans. A computer, for example, can mean three or four tests and many people mistakenly count this as just one.

For full details contact eleksafe and we will discuss your PAT requirements in full

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